Contrary to popular belief, being confident has nothing to do with how loud, extrovert, or socially dominant you are.   It also has nothing to do with displays of ‘Alpha’ behaviour, or being the centre of attention.   In fact such obvious behaviour is often an example of classic overcompensation when the opposite is true.

In reality, Confidence is simply self-acceptance.   It’s about genuinely not allowing the opinion of others to affect you in a negative manner.   Because confident people live by their own values, don’t conform to any arbitrary standard, and refuse to measure themselves against others.

You can be quiet, introvert, thoughtful, deep, or anything really; and still be extremely confident.   Because confidence gives you resilience.   It means you don’t need to control your environment to feel safe, because you know you are a resourceful person, a survivor who can overcome anything.

Confidence means you neither fear what other people think, nor waste your energy endlessly second-guessing yourself. You can show a healthy respect for differing views, but have the courage to follow your own path.

Confident people are generous towards others because their personal identity is not based upon being better than anyone else, and they see no profit from the misery of others.

Confident people are able to achieve real inner peace, by not allowing themselves to be defined by the world around them.   In fact they navigate their lives, career and relationships, with an air of grace that enables them to get the best out of every opportunity.

You can be this person, and I can help.