The Weight, Hypnotherapy and YOU, Lifestyle Maintenance Program

The WHY program is a multi-strategy program that puts YOU IN CONTROL!

…. Get Control Over Your Cravings!

…. Get Control Over Old Habits, And Form New Ones!

…. Get Control Over Emotional Attachment To The Wrong Foods!

…. Get Control Over Your Motivation To Exercise!

…. Get Control Over Your Mind With The Power Of Self-Hypnosis!

…. Get Control Over Self-Sabotaging Feelings!

What you receive in the program package…..

…. Three face to face sessions with me, fully tailored to your specific needs.

…. Personalised recordings for you to use at home.

…. Weekly telephone contact to maintain motivation, and keep you on track.

…. Access via text or e-mail for continued support and motivation.

…. WHY program informational handouts.

The WHY Lifestyle Maintenance Program puts the control into your hands, and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise. It clarifies why you struggle to maintain focus and forward momentum, and helps you build a strategy to reach and maintain your goals. The hypnotic recordings reinforce your progress and allow you to design your own hypnotic suggestions.

The key to a healthy lifestyle is a combination of consistency, realistic choices, and achievable goals. This program will make sure you find a combination that’s right for you, which means it’s easy to follow and maintain.

The WHY program gives you all the tools you need to continue to make progress on your own, making healthy food and lifestyle choices, that enable you to maintain the weight you choose.