What does ‘Wellness‘ mean to you? The answer could be any combination of factors that contribute towards a feeling of being healthy in mind, body, and spirit. When these factors align in harmony, the effects are wonderful.

However we’re continually faced with a barrage of outside influences courtesy of an opinion laden society, which if we’re not careful, influences our view of ourselves. When this happens, it can skew our perspective of the world around us, and how we fit within it.

A negative self-image can impact us in a number of ways that include the ability to effectively manage our weight, nutrition, and physical health in general. When this occurs, anxiety is never far away. Many conditions surrounding these issues involve a struggle to see oneself, and the factors in play, with any clarity.

I specialise in providing motivation and direction for people who want a strategy to reclaim their confidence and all-round health. The aim being to get you to a stage where you are consistently able to make healthy choices, that enhance your life.

Any goals that are set, must be realistic and achievable. They must take account of where you are now, your current level of resources, and your natural potential.

Crash diets and ultra-intense training programs may work for celebrities in the short term, but I’m more concerned about helping you attain a lifestyle approach that makes maintenance easy on a daily basis. It’s not the complicated puzzle you may believe it to be.

One of the first priorities is to cast aside any preconceptions about perfection, and learn to ignore any societal pressures that may divert your attention away from your own personal journey.

Increasing your confidence impacts upon your self-image, and your ability to look at yourself with clarity. From here, healthy choices become far easier to make.

It’s very common to feel trapped within a mundane job, or a career that really doesn’t fulfil you on a deeper level. We all have financial responsibilities and therefore we take the safe option and carry on as normal. When you feel this way for any length of time it can wear you down, and take its toll on your whole well-being.

But, are you sure you’ve explored all the options, and is there a way in which you can either change direction completely, or boost your existing career?

Learn how to approach interviews with confidence, compile a dynamic yet truthful CV, and build your self-belief to the point where you’re comfortable reaching higher.

Relationships can be complicated, and many decent folk compromise their own happiness in favour of always trying to please others. When this is the norm, then relationships are maintained on an unequal footing, which is rarely satisfying in the long term.

A consequence of this can be bullying in the workplace, or being taken for granted by relatives. It doesn’t have to be this way, and it’s through effective communication that you educate others in how you want to be treated. The biggest step is often changing the way in which you see yourself. Once your self-worth is evident to you, then others will follow your lead.

One of the biggest factors in this area is the ability to communicate with confidence. Trust me when I say, you can achieve this, and it’s an area that’s very close to my heart.

Social Anxiety and other phobias can also impact how you relate to the people and circumstances within your life. Challenging preconceptions is a part of the approach here, along with a progressive and structured action plan, specifically designed for you.

Motivational Coaching to help you make the changes you want for your Career, Health and Relationships, by recognising and building upon your resources in order to move past challenges that stand in the way of those goals.

Physical and Emotional health is all about balance, and when that balance is disturbed, it can cause a ripple effect throughout the rest of your life. Sometimes the cause is clear, sometimes it’s a niggling doubt that something is missing. Either way, there’s an obstacle standing in the way of your fulfilment. My role is to help you identify and thereafter address those issues that are holding you back.