Modern Coaching does not take a ‘one size fits all’ attitude, or rely on scripts. Instead it utilises a broad range of techniques from a variety of therapeutic approaches in order to form a bespoke treatment plan for each individual person.

This flexibility allows me to assess what approach is most appropriate, thereby affecting the quickest possible outcome.

We will start simply by talking. Or rather you talk and I listen, so I can understand what it is that you want help with, and I guarantee a confidential, safe environment in which to express yourself. We will agree a realistic and achievable outcome to therapy and decide upon what approach will be most suitable. This can vary as we proceed, as it is quite common for personal discovery to be made.

The number of sessions may vary depending upon your problem, but I will always strive to work towards the most effective and timely outcome.

I will also outline what I require from you, as therapy does require commitment and at times hard work. This process will normally take up most of the initial session as I also need to complete some administration and outline my terms and conditions, but I will usually include some hypnosis or teach some relaxation techniques.

Subsequent sessions are generally where the real progress is made as we work together towards your goal. Your feedback is vital in order that I can gauge which techniques are most effective for you, and I may set you some tasks to complete in-between sessions. These could include the practice of relaxation techniques, mindfulness, or the completion of a thought diary.

As you start to notice change and experience positive outcomes, so your confidence can continue to grow as does your resourcefulness. This is an exciting aspect of therapy, as it frequently has a positive affect on other areas of your life.