Weight management
Success in weight management isn’t about deprivation or sticking to a restrictive diet. It’s about adjusting your relationship with food. It’s about looking at it as a lifestyle choice that has endless benefits in terms of health, vitality and well-being. This is the opposite of a goal oriented diet that ultimately comes to an end; this approach really is……for life!

Anxiety is term that covers such a broad spectrum of conditions. Sometimes we know the cause, but many times it is a feeling that pervades our lives without us being able to truly put our finger on the reason for it. The key here is to first finding out what is causing our anxiety. Once the cause is identified, the path to overcoming this is often far more simple than you would imagine. There is a potential for tremendous personal growth and enlightenment along the way.

Social Anxiety
When social anxiety takes hold it can be very debilitating, with the sufferer often avoiding contact with others which can lead to isolation. Often it is our ‘self talk’ that greatly contributes to the development of social anxiety. It is common to feel as though we ‘don’t fit in’. Gaining an understanding of our habitual thought patterns and our automatic reaction to others is pivotal here to learn and develop social skills and hitherto untapped resources.

Stress is another broad term that can literally cover no end of symptoms and overlap into other areas. Whilst the cause may be quite clear and a strategy is needed to cope with the problem, it may be that the cause is not clear at all, or consists of a number of cumulative events or problems that combine to overwhelm us. Learning relaxation techniques is part of the solution here, whilst developing a strategy to reduce the impact of stressful events and learning how to problem solve with confidence.

A Phobia can be an extreme version of a stress or anxiety. When people have phobias, they usually have extreme reactions to a specific stimulus, for example a fear of flying or perhaps spiders. It doesn’t matter how unusual you may think it sounds, whatever that phobia is, it’s very real for the sufferer. A simple step by step approach is key here as you learn that it is possible to conquer your fears.

Sports Performance
If you participate in any sport, I’m sure you can remember a time when everything flowed and you performed at your absolute best. Professional athletes are able to get into this state of ‘flow’ at will. Some describe it as being in the ‘zone’. Learn how to induce this ideal state for yourself, whenever you need it, and then notice how your performance improves.

Smoking Cessation
The difficulty experienced by smokers in giving up is often because they view it as simply a habit. We typically develop a habit because it serves a purpose for us that we believe is beneficial. In other words we are gaining something from smoking that first cigarette, for example social acceptance into a group. Over time we can lose the connection to that initial benefit and it may simply be a means to enable us to relax. But in this example what once enabled us to feel accepted, now has us stood outside in the cold separated from others.

Lack of confidence and Self Esteem
This is often coupled together with Social Anxiety and is a terribly difficult condition to live with. It is also extremely common and simply realising that you are not alone is a good place to start. Our internal dialogue plays a huge part here as we often misinterpret information we receive and distort it to fit our belief about ourselves. The great thing about overcoming a lack of confidence and building self esteem is that you really get to discover so many things about yourself that have previously been hidden. Think of a light suddenly being turned on in a darkened room!

Work related
We spend a large proportion of our lives in work, so it’s natural that this is where we can often face difficulties in our life. This could be due to relationships with colleagues, time management issues, bullying, giving presentations, or perhaps you have a presentation to give that involves public speaking. Sometimes we need different strategies to deal with people or situations at work than we do in our home life. Understanding the dynamics of how a work environment sometimes differs from our social environment can lead to the development of another set of behaviours and skills and help us navigate this minefield.

Body Dysmorphia
Everybody is unique, and we all look differently. This is a good thing! However when someone develops Body Dysmorphia, they are unable to see an accurate representation of themselves in the mirror. Sufferers actually distort what they see in order to maintain a view or belief they have about themselves, usually negative. This can lead to social anxiety, stress, a lack of confidence, or in extreme cases it can develop into an eating disorder. Forget about the air-brushed magazine models, what is important here is taking a realistic look at oneself; acknowledging all the good points, whilst identifying areas where we can effect some realistic and beneficial improvements. I’m certainly not talking about achieving perfection, after all that doesn’t exist. But we all have the capacity to be happy in our own skin.

Public speaking
Most of us can communicate effectively with our friends and family. We are comfortable articulating what we want to say. Yet we can literally freeze when it comes to the thought of speaking in front of an audience, or maybe an interview panel. This could fall under the category of Phobias, or perhaps it’s a matter of self confidence. The good news is that there is a lot that can be done to make fantastic improvements in this area.

Relationship/Communication Issues
An inability to communicate, whether with a loved one or in a work environment can be an extremely upsetting and frustrating issue. Sometimes we hear something differently to how it was intended, perhaps we jump to conclusions, misinterpret, look for hidden meaning etc. By learning how to listen effectively, clarify what the other person is saying, and be clear about what it is we want to say we can transform how we communicate in every aspect of our life.

Can’t find your specific issue? Don’t worry, quite often our ‘problem’ is merely a symptom of a wider or different issue altogether. I will help you gain clarity, and from there we will work towards a solution.