No, the WHY program is not for any or every client with weight issues. I have strict guidelines for accepting clients, and there are a number of medical or clinical conditions that would make this program unsuitable for an individual. In general, this program is not recommended for clients who have other serious health problems that need more immediate attention, or who have medical issues that might interfere with weight reduction. This program is not for clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also not recommended for clients in the midst of a major life crisis or for those who are impaired due to psychotic disorders or active abuse of alcohol or illegal or prescribed drugs.

The program was not designed for children, or for people who are cognitively challenged or impaired. Teens may participate in the program, provided they have the motivation and full parental permission. The WHY program is not recommended for teens who are presenting other issues such as acting out, delinquency, truancy, drug and alcohol use, or depression.

The program is not recommended for adults who would do well to obtain treatment for other current issues such as relationship problems, criminal activity, occupational misconduct, trauma or abuse, active grief, depression, or psychotic behaviour.

The WHY program is not suitable for individuals who maintain unrealistic expectations about weight reduction, or do not wish to comply with the program instructions.