In a word…..No!

I’m going be perfectly honest with you, this program requires real effort and commitment. But effort and commitment is exactly what you will get from me, guaranteed! I take a straight forward, no-nonsense approach with all my clients, and expect hard work in return.

The structure of the WHY program works. It’s designed to maximise the control and understanding you have over your eating and exercise choices. To achieve this however, requires honesty and introspection on your part. But lets face it, the choices you’ve made up until this point haven’t given you what you want, so it stands to reason that they need examining and changing. The choices you make from here on out determine your future, so isn’t that worth working for?

If this program was easy, it wouldn’t be transformational. The fantastic thing about transformation is that it’s built upon a foundation of increased resourcefulness and resilience, which then has a positive impact elsewhere in your life.