The WHY program takes a cognitive behavioural approach to the subject of lifestyle maintenance and management. It’s all very well following a restrictive diet, or a high intensity exercise regime; but those aren’t always realistic for the long term, and unless you find a way to integrate your choices into your daily life, then it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually run into trouble.

Every one of us has a range of thoughts and feelings associated to food and exercise, and these provide the reasons why we make the choices we do. When these associations are not helpful to us, and are even harmful, then there is a problem. So the first stage is identifying and understanding your relationship to food and exercise. This knowledge provides you with the means to prevent you returning to old habits, that lead you weight gain and unhealthy choices.

There is always going to be a time when we have cravings, or when we feel a desire to eat something that makes us feel better; classic comfort eating! Don’t get me wrong, a little of what you fancy can be a good thing; but when cravings are constantly on your mind, and food becomes a major cause of comfort, then it clearly shows that there are issues with control, and possibly a lack of coping strategies in place. The WHY program provides insight here and techniques to overcome stress and compulsive decisions that don’t serve you well.

There is also a requirement to complete a daily diary…with a difference. I don’t just want you to list everything you consume. I want you to record your reasons for making the choices you do, regarding nutrition and exercise. This will include your emotions, situations that cause you to falter, and of courses all your positive choices. This identifies patterns that we can use to our advantage.

I use NLP to help you understand how your mind works with regards to your weight issues, and those unhealthy choices that haven’t served you well up to this point. With clarity, comes insight, and I then provide you with techniques to break old cycles of behaviour that hold you back. Stress management and motivation are key here.

You will also receive a number of Hypnotherapy sessions that reinforce,and underpin the component parts of the WHY program, and I provide you with recordings of our sessions so you can continue to absorb positive suggestions in-between sessions.

In addition, you will learn self-hypnosis as a means to manage stress, and formulate a compelling future that keeps you on track during your journey and into your future.