Yes it does! But don’t expect an easy ride, and understand that it takes consistent work on your part. All participants are held accountable for the effort they put in, and a high degree is expected. In fact anyone who isn’t prepared to fully commit will not be allowed to take part in the WHY program.

At the same time, I fully commit to providing you with a realistic and achievable strategy that gives you the ability to make healthy intelligent choices about nutrition and exercise. I provide an enormous amount of support and motivation whilst encouraging you to embrace the decision making process for yourself.

This is about creating resources and personal capabilities, not being ‘spoon fed’ a restrictive calorie deficient diet. This program is about changing preconceptions about what each of us is capable of and identifying realistic, achievable goals, that are progressive and wholly sustainable.

We will do some hard work together, and there is work to be done at home. But you are not alone. Because there will be 6 face to face sessions covering various aspects of weight management and building a tool kit of coping mechanisms designed to deal with cravings, body image issues, comfort eating etc. Then there are weekly phone calls where I check in with you to provide motivation, and trouble-shoot any problems you may encounter. In addition I expect you to check in every day via e-mail or text just to let me know you’re on track.

The WHY program is no ‘quick fix’ and I won’t make wild claims just to secure business. I’m interested in results, for you! So if you want a diet that promises you can lose 10 pounds a week, then good luck to you, but the WHY program is not for you just yet.

However if you’re interested in understanding your current relationship towards food and exercise, and want to make a sensible life choice towards long term health and well-being, then you’ve come to the right place.