Phil Griffiths

PNLP, DipCAH, Practitioner of Human Social Functioning


Thank you for visiting ‘Welkin Blue’    ( ‘Blue Sky’ in Old English).

I believe that having confidence in yourself, and the ability to communicate what you want and how you feel, is vital to personal well-being.   I specialise in the area of Confidence Building and the development of Effective Communication skills.   This in turn enables you to become a more resilient and resourceful person.

I treat a wide variety of conditions   including those related to Health, Weight Management, and Body Image issues linked to Anxiety;   employing a number of strategies including NLP and Hypnotherapy, to help you achieve your goals.  


Have you achieved your “Maximum Natural Potential?”   

Do you have everything you want in life?   Are you living a full and rewarding life or is there something missing?

A successful life is all about striking the right balance between our Health, Relationships, and Career.   I can help you find that balance.   To discover your inner strengths, to find those resources deep inside, and to motivate you to take action.

Why would you need my help?   Because what we want in life and what we do about it are often miles apart; if that is, we’re actually clear about what we want to begin with.   At other times change just feels too difficult, so we resist it and stay within the relatively safe confines of familiarity.

As your coach, I help you close this gap and overcome any resistance to change, by utilising a structured, step by step approach.   Working together, I help you to identify what you want, why you want it, and what’s stopping you from achieving it.    At this point we create a plan of action.

Situated within easy reach of North Wales and Cheshire for sessions in person.  There are also a number of other ways in which we can work together.   I offer a free consultation, and will be pleased to answer any questions you may have……